Extra Credit with DJ Zimmie
DJ Zimmie interviews veteran DJs (and the occasional producer or performers) to get their story and hopefully familiarize younger DJs and the general public with DJs they should know about. Always good info about what to do in your career, what not to do and usually where to eat when you're out of town. A must-listen for any up-and-coming DJs.












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It's weird how good the DJs in Canada are. I remember getting mixes and edits from The Freshest and the Eh! Team and being blown away. Nick Bike started out DJing on 2 computers running Windows Media Player and now sits perfectly alongside Canada's finest. We discuss figuring your DJ career out as you go, making edits that have ended up in most DJs crates and knowing when to (and when not to) retire songs.


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Case Bloom's journey to his current position as a staple in the Nashville music scene was a long and windy one. We discuss his tenure in the super dope music market of Philly, building parties that have lasted 12+ years, gentrified foods and of course, the current state of DJing. Case is also the man behind amazing DJ (and non-DJ) bag company Tucker & Bloom (great story). Listen up and if you're in Nashville, do and eat what Mayor Case tells you!


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Emmaculate is an essential member of the newest generation of house music producers and DJs from Chicago. We discuss growing up as a white suburbanite kid in the shadow of the legendary Chicago music scene, dabbling in production and DJing across both hip-hop and house music as well as the moves he made to position himself alongside legends like the Chosen Few DJs. From his early hip-hop group to his position at T's Box Records with Terry Hunter to producing chart-topping house music, we cover a wealth of knowledge for anyone making moves in the DJ / production world. We even respond to some email questions about controllers and female DJs.


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The Bay Area is basically a factory that makes dope shit and it's influence is apparent talking to Goldenchyld. A member of the DJ group The Bangerz (previously The Fingerbangerz), he's battled as part of the San Jose mobile DJ crew scene, he's helped produce hits for The Jabbawockeez with his team and he's expanded his successful solo DJ career to wear the hat of nightlife establishment owner (Avery Lounge). So many gems in this episode from such a well-rounded DJ career!


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DJ Podcast Interview San Francisco San Fran San Jose Bay Area Hyphy Jabbawockeez Bangerz

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You may know Jim Sharp from his super dope edits or maybe even his Dusty Donuts 45 vinyl label. We cover all that and so much more including coming up in Toronto, making moves these days in London, Jim's days as a rave DJ and even talk a bit about the DJ community and mental health. Get familiar!


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Music nerd, DJ of all things from Top40 to 45s and master of ceremonies at Red Bull Music 3Style, Flipout does it all. He's been hip-hop since day 1 and his positive attitude have kept him knee deep in the game ever since. Xièxiè!




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Quite possibly the funkiest human I personally know. Versatile on synths, the talk box, cuts, beats, you name it. Get familiar.




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DJ, B-Girl and generally fashionable curator of cool parties and culture in downtown Las Vegas, Crykit is one of my favorite people on Earth. Get familiar with this ray of sunshine.


@DJCrykit / @CrykitsPlayhouse


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If you think his being a US Red Bull Thre3style champion is impressive, you should see him parallel park.  Big Once is nasty on the cut, he bodies clubs and if you don't have his remixes, you should.  Peep it.




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From Philly to LA with a quick stop at the White House, Mr. Sonny James shares tales of being a tour DJ all over the world and breaking bread with James Brown.


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Dope DJ, support for Serato and undercover jazz head, Kutcorners is one of the most thoughtful DJs I know.  We had some great talks while I was visiting Vancouver about the DJ community (or lack thereof), hip-hop and what's going on in America.




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From being a scratch nerd in Oxnard to a club DJ in Vegas and now producing for people like Pitbull and Justin Bieber, DJ Mega Man aka Michael Mayeda has done a few things, to say the least...

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In March of 2014 I was on tour and rolled through San Francisco.  The Rock-It Scientists! had me on their "Shut Up and Talk" podcast to promote the DJ Documentary I'm making and shoot the shit about DJing.

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DJ A-Minor and Dr. Mark Katz do some great work at UNC teaching students about Hip-Hop and DJing.  Last year they asked me to stop by, talk about the film and do a Q&A about DJing.  This is the audio from that lecture, use your imagination for the parts that require video. 


http://www.TheDJDocumentary.com / @SoundtrackDJDoc


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When I was on tour in Australia and New Zealand with DJ Premier and Pete Rock in 2014, the big homie Recloose asked me to stop by MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand) where he was teaching to talk to his students.  This is the audio from that session.

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One half of People Under The Stairs, Thes and I chop it up about the state of hip-hop, fans with slimy hands, hijacking John Legend's piano and more!





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DJ P is a bad dude. He's a member of the Rock Steady Crew, an all-vinyl genre-bending party rocker and winner of the Master of the Mix show.  Peep the scene...




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Jorun and I discuss trading breaks with Jam Master Jay, the Halifax music scene and DJs not getting called out for being wack… (and more!)




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Jake tells us about drinking Carlos Rossi with E-40, producing for G-Unit and making funk tracks with Mayer Hawthorne as Tuxedo.  Diversify yo bonds...


Tuxedo / Jake One

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I'm a nerd.  I love hip-hop and I’m a grown ass man, but I’m a nerd.  I love researching and reading the stories behind things, watching documentaries, etc.  For this reason, Brian Coleman is the shit.  Brian has been a music journalist for a long time but I first heard about him from his book Check The Technique.  Through his books Brian has essentially written the liner notes which previously didn’t exist for 60+ hip-hop albums.  If you’re a hip-hop fan, some of these albums are undoubtedly your favorites.

Brian was in town to do a signing for Check The Technique Volume 2 and was gracious enough to swing by my house for an interview.  Listen to his story and cop his publications.  Shouts to DJ Platurn for the link.

 …and please follow Brian on Twitter.

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San Jose native Cutso talks about coming up in the mobile DJ scene, working with the (Finger) Bangerz to create music for the Jabbawockeez and keeping his remix game tight. www.djcutso.com @Cutso


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There's lots going on with "Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ", the documentary I'm filming about DJing.  Give this update a quick listen to find out what that means for podcast content and more!  www.TheDJDocumentary.com


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2012 Red Bull 3Style World Champion Four Color Zack talks about becoming a DJ by way of a metal band, his love of social media and staying positive as a DJ.

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A member of the Piecelock 70 collective, Doc Delay talks about his first beatmaking setup in his sock drawer and how creating music with others can teach you valuable lessons about life that solo production might not.  www.DocDelay.com

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The first official DJ for a President of the United States, DJ Adam 12 has had an interesting and envy-inducing career.  He's been the DJ for icons like Prince and Dr. Dre as well as the resident selector at some of the best parties in the history of LA (if not the world).  Above all that, he's one of the nicest DJs I've ever met.  Follow him at @DJAdam12

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Las Vegas murder mami DJ 88 fills us in about coming up as DJ Adam 12's manager, Associate Producing the High School High soundtrack and carving out her place in the boy's club that is DJing.


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An awesome DJ in his own right and 1/2 of the production duo "Alfa Paare" (along with DJ Excel), DJ Impulse chops it up over coffee and donuts about coming up in Baltimore, crab cakes and tour buses covered with blunt leavens. www.DJImpulseOnline.com

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DJ, producer for the Lifesavas, Knicks fan, sneaker collector and record afficianado.  Rev Shines tells us about all these, his love for KISS and why Portland is the spot.  @RevShines76 on Twitter.  (We were hype, sorry for the tappity tap on the table.)


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This man is the reason I got into DJing in the first place. DJ Nugget aka The 5 Foot Assassin aka Michael Nuglass is the James Gandolfini of the Pittsburgh DJ game. Pittsburgh club history & funny stories about failed parties in this one. www.DJNugget.com


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Skratch Makaniks crew member DJ Excel drops the knowledge about coming up in Philly, relocating to LA, Playboy Bunnies and more.  www.DJExcel.com


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"The Magnificent" DJ Jazzy Jeff chops it up about his legendary career, The Fresh Prince, life on the road and more!  Stadium status...


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Essentially the "Dos Equis Man" of DJing, Graham Funke (1/2 of Captains of Industry) talks shop and tells us how he became one of the most interesting men in the DJ game.


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DJ Zimmie sits down with Seattle veteran DJ Supreme La Rock to talk about how he got here and ill toys.


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