Extra Credit with DJ Zimmie
DJ Zimmie interviews veteran DJs (and the occasional producer or performers) to get their story and hopefully familiarize younger DJs and the general public with DJs they should know about. Always good info about what to do in your career, what not to do and usually where to eat when you're out of town. A must-listen for any up-and-coming DJs.

Las Vegas murder mami DJ 88 fills us in about coming up as DJ Adam 12's manager, Associate Producing the High School High soundtrack and carving out her place in the boy's club that is DJing.

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An awesome DJ in his own right and 1/2 of the production duo "Alfa Paare" (along with DJ Excel), DJ Impulse chops it up over coffee and donuts about coming up in Baltimore, crab cakes and tour buses covered with blunt leavens.

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DJ, producer for the Lifesavas, Knicks fan, sneaker collector and record afficianado.  Rev Shines tells us about all these, his love for KISS and why Portland is the spot.

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This man is the reason I got into DJing in the first place. DJ Nugget is the mayor of Pittsburgh and even owns his own venue now. Pittsburgh club history & funny stories about failed parties in this one.

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Skratch Makaniks crew member DJ Excel drops the knowledge about coming up in Philly, relocating to LA, Playboy Bunnies and more.

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One of the greatest to ever do it. Period.

(This is a funny one because I've actually been working for Jeff for quite a few years now since this was recorded. Probably time for an update.)

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Essentially the "Dos Equis Man" of DJing, Graham Funke (1/2 of Captains of Industry) talks shop and tells us how he became one of the most interesting men in the DJ game.

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Supreme La Rock is a veteran in the Seattle hip-hop and DJ scenes as well as a serious vinyl collector. We chop it up about how he got here as well as ill toys.

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