Extra Credit with DJ Zimmie
DJ Zimmie interviews veteran DJs (and the occasional producer or performers) to get their story and hopefully familiarize younger DJs and the general public with DJs they should know about. Always good info about what to do in your career, what not to do and usually where to eat when you're out of town. A must-listen for any up-and-coming DJs.

In this episode Buck & I discuss hitting the ceiling in Indianapolis before transitioning to Austin, competing and winning in both Red Bull 3Style and The Goldies, country music DJs, Sony's recent attacks on DJs and pork chops.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Sarin during our (DJ Jazzy Jeff) NYE gig at the Northern Bass Festival in Auckland, New Zealand.  Her team provided some essential glue to keep the festival running smoothly but also maintained a very family-like vibe.  We stayed in contact and had some great conversations about gigs, festivals, the entertainment industry in general and more.  She's got 183 job titles and is a total badass.  Get your learn on!

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